Watch Straps by Hirsch, Austria

Watch Straps by <b>Hirsch</b>, Austria
Hirsch AG is located in Austria and their mission statement is to develop and manufacture the most advanced, highly detailed and finest bracelets in the world. The aim of each development is to ensure the longevity, wearer comfort and aesthetics of the bracelet whenever the consumer is wearing it. Hirsch USA is a division of Hadley Roma USA with which I have a relationship. Having inventory in the US enables faster access to the Hirsch line and helps maintain my “same day shipment” goals to my customers. If you see a Hirsch product I do not carry, inquire and I should be able to have it in my hands within 48 hours.

IMPORTANT NOTE: if you see a strap with a gold buckle in a photo, I automatically send and additional silver with it. If you need a gold please put a note in the comments section of the order

Hirsch Strap Lengths

“M” = 70mm x 110mm Ladies Regular or Gents Small

“L” = 80mm x 120mm Ladies Long or Gents Regular

“XL = 100mm x 120mm Gents Long