Hirsch Premium Proprietary Caoutchouc

Pure Premium Caoutchouc New 2020 version
Pure Premium Caoutchouc New 2020 version
Item# Pure2020
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Product Description

HIRSCH Proprietary Caoutchouc * Waterproof, resilient and dimensionally stable * Tear-proof and resistant to chemicals, UV light and extreme temperatures * Flat design with concave profile for optimum breathing * Integrated loop keeper and square functional holes * Fitted with HIRSCH Quick-Release System * Expressive stainless steel buckle, in HIRSCH Catwalk Design

* LADIES LENGTH in mm: (M) 110.5x69.5(white straps and 18&20mm black only)

* MENíS LENGTH in mm: (L) 120x80

* MENíS LENGTH in mm: (XL) 120x100