Vintage NATO

NATO Vintage
NATO Vintage
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Here is a new style NATO Leather made of vintage German air force leather (We use original Luftwaffe Flight suites from the 60s) After Elias straps made it already my idea was a very special strap for German & other military watches. Its made of a thin sheet original air force leather, a sheet of anti stretch material which protects the strap from stretching, one sheet of genuine pig skin , ss loops, ss buckle and fully Hand made stitching around. BTW each loop is hand stitched. Limited available in 16, 18 and 20 mm, 320 mm long. Thickness is about 1.4 mm they are made for fixed bars and spring bars, check your watch lug measurements. Forum Price $81.95

Sizes: 18mm, 20mm Colors: Black, Gray, Med. Brown