Buffalo BIG Pilot

Buffalo Pilot
Buffalo Pilot
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IWC styled Big Pilot Buffalo MIL strap 18, 20 , 22 and 24 mm NEW topic style rubber backed black or brown Hand made in Germany , nice Pilotís straps made from genuine Buffalo Leather , soft and very comfortable. The off white stitching looks great . We use ss screws and rivets on them but they have NO open ends! They are available in 18, 20 22 and 24 mm, regular or tropic styled available in black and brown regulars are made of 2 sheets of genuine buffalo leather with one sheet of special antistretch material between the leather sheet, tropics are made with one sheet of Gore-Tex material and a genuine sheet of black rubber on the inner side to protect the leather from sweat, that's very good for wet climate. Up from 22 mm they have 2 screws, 18 & 20mm, one screw.

Sizes: 20mm, 22mm Colors: Black, Dark Brown