Axel Jost Premium Double Fold

Axel Jost DF2 Premium (sold out)
Axel Jost DF2 Premium (sold out)
Item# DF2
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Product Description

By Axel Jost, the DF2 Premium. Push button, double fold, stainless steel with the added features of a screw to secure the end to “the point” (that is the long end ) and screw in spring bar to easily add to “the buckle” (shorter side of the watch strap).

These are amazing, the best deployant on the market IMHO. As with the DF1, made in Germany, land of craftsmanship, precision, quality.

Price is $49.95 and includes a free Swiss screwdriver (.8mm) for the buckle side attachment.

Sizes 16mm, 20mm available This deployant is being discontinued by manufacturer