Louisiana Alligator Made in Italy (Shorts, Longs)

Genuine Louisiana Alligator Made in Italy (Matte)
Genuine Louisiana Alligator Made in Italy (Matte)
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Product Description

Awesome Value, 12 colors, 75 variations!!!

Italian* Hand Made Genuine Farm Alligator Straps in matte or gloss, Sizes 14 Ė 28, MSRP $212.50

So donít let the price fool you, these are hand made in Italy and an excellent genuine alligator strap for this price.


M=matte, G=glossy, SG = square grain scales(bamboo), E= exotic/mixed grains. R= regular length 74x114, S= short 65x105, L=long 84x114. QP=quick release pins

Perfect for vintage, dress watches

Widths: 14x12 15x14, 16+x14 17x16, 18x16, 19x16, 20x16, 22x20, 23x20, 24x22

Length Short 70x110 Regular 74x114 Long 85x115, XL 88x130